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Manager Terry Francona and pitching coach Carl Willis had a miscommunication that directly lead to the Indians loss on Tuesday night.

Cleveland Indians blow game after coaches warm up wrong pitcher due to nickname mix-up

The Cleveland Indians lost in embarrassing fashion on Tuesday night after coaches had the wrong pitcher enter the game at a crucial juncture — and it was all due to a game of telephone and misheard nicknames.

The Mets committed one of the silliest gaffes imaginable and it cost them a possible run

The New York Mets made an error unlike any you've seen yet this season at the start of Wednesday's game against the Cincinnati Reds, batting out of order in the first inning to cost them a runner in scoring position.

The baseball world is drooling over Hunter Greene — the 17-year-old, two-way phenom who could change the game

Hunter Greene, at 17 years old, has already been charged with saving baseball thanks to his considerable talents and unique personality.

Report: Pete Rose will not be reinstated from his lifetime ban

In what was likely Rose's last shot at reinstatement, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred decided against it.