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Seesaw at the US-Mexico border

2 professors installed bright pink seesaws across the US-Mexico border as a show of unity amid growing divides

The set of seesaws were installed across the US-Mexico border to bring together children in Sunland Park, New Mexico, and Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.
A policeman patrols around a police station attacked by unknown assailants, in Ciudad Juarez, January 17, 2019.

The US has issued a security alert for a major border city in Mexico after a wave of attacks on police

After a series of attacks on police in Ciudad Juarez, the US Consulate General there issued an alert about violence the city, which borders El Paso.

A Mexican cartel enforcer’s prediction about a valuable border territory appears to be coming true

Violence remains high in Ciudad Juarez and elsewhere in Chihuahua, and it appears to be related to intensifying criminal competition.

Mexico’s bloody drug-related violence has surged to a new record

Killings in Mexico have rose to a new high in June, facilitated by competing criminal groups and the ineffectiveness of the government's response.

Approximately 30 people killed or wounded in shootout in northern Mexican border state

They were killed in a clash that started early on Wednesday morning, and authorities have yet to reach the area.

Deadly violence continues to climb in Mexico, where an ascendant cartel is strengthening its grip on power

The spike in homicides in Mexico over the last year is likely in large part tied to drug-related violence, and one cartel is making a push for dominance.

Mexico is settling into a violent status quo

Despite month-to-month changes, violence in Mexico is still at elevated levels in many parts of the country.

Mexico’s criminal and political worlds are shifting, and 2017 is off to the most violent start on record

Upheaval in the criminal underworld and a changing political landscape suggest Mexico's recent bloodshed will not soon fade.

Mexico’s ascendant cartel is making a deadly addition to a trafficking hub on the US border

The arrival of one of Mexico's most powerful cartels and disputes over the local drug trade have pushed up violence in Ciudad Juarez.

‘A perfect storm’: Trump’s plans are causing ‘undeniable’ worry for businesses depending on the border

Businesses and factories that have sprung up on the US-Mexico border have a dark outlook on Trump's border-policy proposals.