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Pilots flying out of Singapore now face a S$50,000 fine if they fail an alcohol test imposed randomly at airports

Random alcohol testing will soon be implemented at Singapore’s two airports in Changi and Seletar.

Air France is the latest airline to appease China by changing the way it describes Taiwan, as Beijing hands carriers an extension to mid-2018

Air France is the latest airline to cede China's demands over referring to Taiwan as a Chinese province. Delta Air Lines, Lufthansa, British Airways, Malaysian Airlines, and Air Canada have all changed references to Taiwan this year.

Four major airlines quietly changed their references to Taiwan — and it shows just how much power China has over foreign companies

China sent a letter to 36 foreign airlines in April pressuring them to change references to Taiwan. The White House called it "Orwellian nonsense." But Malaysia Airlines and Air Canada join British Airways, Lufthansa, and Delta Air Lines as air carriers that have altered descriptions of Taiwan.
The image shows the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport on May 26, 2016 in Chengdu, Sichuan Province of China.

China wants to dictate how foreign airlines refer to Taiwan and the US is having none of it — this is how every major airline is responding

China sent letters to foreign airlines on April 25 ordering the companies to refer to Taiwan, a self-ruled island, as a province of China. The State Department said it objects to Beijing "dictating" the actions of US firms.

China is pressuring international airlines to copy its political views

China has sent letters to Qantas, American Airlines, and reportedly United Airlines to warn them against referring to Taiwan as a country, rather than a province of China. Zara and Marriott experienced the same issues in January and the hotel chain was forced to shut down its website for a week.
Airport staff speak by empty Monarch Airlines check-in desks after the airline ceased trading at Birmingham Airport, Britain October 2, 2017.

12,000 stranded Monarch customers flown home in the first 24 hours of huge rescue operation

Around 98,000 people remain abroad. Over 50,000 are expected to be flown home this week, with over half currently in Spain or the Spanish islands.