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Drone footage of the home, moments before it was struck by the anti-ISIS coalition's munitions.

‘I’d wiped out half a family’: F-16 pilot grapples with guilt after a bungled bombing mission in Iraq killed at least 4 civilians

"Doing nothing is even worse," the F-16 fighter pilot said. "War is a game that we play because all else has failed."

US military says it’s responsible for killing 1,139 civilians in its fight against ISIS — but others estimate much higher numbers

The US military reportedly announced that 1,139 civilians have been killed in the fight against ISIS, but other reports say that number is way off.

The US recorded civilians as ISIS members in what may be ‘the least transparent war in recent American history’

A recent investigation found the rate of civilian deaths in Iraq to be 31 times higher than what has been reported by US-led coalition forces.
A Kurdish fighter from the People's Protection Units (YPG) looks on after an coalition airstrike in Raqqa, June 16, 2017.

Here’s how the US-led coalition decides when and where to hit ISIS targets in Iraq

Coalition airstrikes on ISIS in Iraq and Syria are at record levels — here's how US personnel and their Iraqi partners decide when and where to strike.

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff explains the US’s ‘annihilation campaign’ against ISIS

The US-led coalition's shift to an "annihilation campaign" against ISIS comes in response to the terror group's capabilities and tenacity.