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LeBron James is already working on his chemistry with his new teammates in Los Angeles.

LeBron James made a funny threat after a Lakers teammate dropped a ridiculous pass in a scrimmage

LeBron James is already working on his chemistry with his new teammates in Los Angeles.

Cleveland newspaper trolls LeBron James with headline teasing his return to town with the Lakers

LeBron James' return to Cleveland with the Los Angeles Lakers will be a major sporting event. A Cleveland newspaper had a bit of fun with its headline advertising James' first game back in town.

We ranked every team during LeBron James’ career — including his new Lakers squad

From super-teams in Miami to rag-tag squads in Cleveland, LeBron James has played with every type of team imaginable. Ultimately, one team stands out from the rest as the best he's been on.

The Cavs are making a massive $145 million commitment to Kevin Love, and it appears to throw water on a possible post-LeBron path

The Cavs don't appear to be tanking after giving Kevin Love a four-year, $120 million contract extension. By keeping Love, the Cavs may be hoping to stay relevant and make a playoff push, even without LeBron James.

The billionaire owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers runs more than 100 companies according to 19 rules

The Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert began his empire with the mortgage company Quicken Loans, and over the past 20 years he has built 19 principles of corporate culture. Now they hold together his more than 100 companies under Rock Ventures.

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert was a crucial figure in bringing casino gambling to Ohio — and it offers insight into his transformation o...

Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert fought for the legalization of casino gambling in Ohio in 2009, and last year it brought the state almost $600 million in taxes. Gilbert has had his businesses transform communities in both Cleveland and Detroit.

LeBron James isn’t talking to the Cavs, and it puts them in a bind as they scramble to find ways to keep him

While LeBron James decided whether or not to become a free agent, he reportedly isn't speaking to the Cavaliers, putting them in a tough position about how to improve the team.

The Rockets are considered one of the favorites to land LeBron James, but there is a huge hurdle

The Houston Rockets have almost no path to signing LeBron James and re-signing Chris Paul. That would force them to do a trade, but that path also has some difficult obstacles to navigate.

The Cavs hold one big advantage over the rest of the NBA in signing LeBron James, and it could force other teams to get creative

LeBron James, by all accounts, wants the maximum amount of money on his next contract. The Cavs can offer more than any other team in the NBA and could be in a position to facilitate a trade to a team that wants James but cannot sign him.