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Microsoft briefly becomes a $1 trillion company after reporting earnings that blew away Wall Street estimates

Microsoft is within striking distance of a $1 trillion market cap, making its quarterly earnings more important than ever.

STARTUPS TO WATCH: Here are the startups VCs are betting on in every corner of tech

Business Insider regularly ranks and profiles startups in different areas of tech. You can read them all by subscribing to BI Prime.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Apple reportedly signed a $1.5 billion, 5-year deal with Amazon’s cloud

Apple and Amazon compete in a lot of ways — but Apple is also reportedly spending in excess of $350 million on Amazon's cloud.

Cloud computing wars, tax frustrations, and chaos at HQ Trivia

Thomas Kurian, the new CEO of Google Cloud who came from rival Oracle, seems to already be having an impact, with Googlers and startup execs telling Rosalie Chan that he's making headway three months into the job.

Google Cloud is taking on Amazon by moving into retail, and it’s a first step in new CEO Thomas Kurian’s master plan

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian says he wants to target specific verticals. Now it's launching Google Cloud for Retail and taking on Amazon.

New Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian says he’s borrowing from the Oracle playbook to help catch up to Amazon and Microsoft

Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian said he would use some Oracle strategies to help Google Cloud catch up to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon

Watch Amazon engineers celebrate as its warehouse fulfillment team shuts off its last Oracle database

Amazon CTO Werner Vogels congratulated the Amazon Fulfillment teams for moving off Oracle's databases to Amazon's own.
Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff.

50 women are suing Salesforce, accusing it of selling software to an online sex marketplace that pleaded guilty to human trafficking

50 women who say they were sexually abused as victims of a sex marketplace called Backpage are suing Salesforce.
Larry Ellison co-founded Oracle in 1977.

Oracle quietly held a round of layoffs this week

Oracle had layoffs on Thursday, with some anonymous message-board users saying they seemed to have been significant.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Google’s weird name and logo for its new gaming service is part of a clever disappearing act

Looking at the Stadia logo, you'd never know it was part of Google — and there's a good reason for that.