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Migrants document their trek to safety by taking selfies along the way

Migrants from Syria and elsewhere rely heavily on their smartphones to get them to safety and document the journey.

This Syrian lawyer used WhatsApp to reach Greece — and is now helping refugees seek asylum in Europe

Mahmoud Alkhuder, a Syrian lawyer who fled Aleppo in 2011, reached Greece with the help of a smuggler and WhatsApp. Then he went back to help others.

How to use Signal, the app that lets you send encrypted messages from your smartphone

Signal lets you send encrypted messages on your smartphone.

A Cold War technology designed to make jets fly for days might solve Earth’s looming energy crisis

Humanity is in a serious pinch for energy as the world population balloons to 9 billion people by 2040.

Scientists are building high-performance batteries from junkyard scrap metal

A team of researchers recently created a pill-bottle-sized battery using steel, brass, and a common household chemical.

This 80-year-old woman makes money by watching internet surveillance cameras all day

From her home in Ballyhalbert, Barbara Morrow scans up to six different camera feeds a day, waiting and watching for suspicious activity.

This small Pennsylvania city packed with hundreds of cameras is like a mini-surveillance state

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, a city just shy of 60,000 people, has nearly 170 cameras watching day-in and day-out.

Robotic suits are giving people super strength — but they come at a hefty price tag

Companies are investing in exoskeletons that can do everything from easing back pain to drastically improving strength.

How pedophiles could be better diagnosed — and possibly treated — using virtual reality

In Canada, The Philippe Pinel Institute is using virtual reality to understand pedophilia and pedophiles.