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If you're experiencing colds more than three times a year, you might want to re-evaluate some of your habits.

7 reasons why you’re getting frequent colds

It's common to occasionally come down with a cold but if you're consistently getting them, it might be worth figuring out why.

8 ways freezing temperatures can affect your body

Staying out too long in cold temperatures can be life-threatening. We listed some ways the freezing cold can impact your body.
Frank Lettiere's eyebrows and eye lashes are frozen after walking along Lake Michigan's ice covered shoreline as temperatures dropped to -20 degrees F (-29C) on January 30, 2019 in Chicago, Illinois.

People in Michigan facing brutal cold weather have been asked to turn down the heat at the worst possible time

An unexpected incident with Consumers Energy and frigid temperatures from the polar vortex mean that Michiganders are being asked to do their part.
A student is dressed for subzero temperatures at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.

This is what Midwesterners actually do to stay warm in below-freezing temperatures.

With temperatures hitting extreme lows this week, INSIDER contacted friends and weather experts across the Midwest to ask what they were doing to stay warm.

The Kentucky governor criticized schools for closing down during the polar vortex: ‘We’re getting soft’

This week, parts of the US will be as cold as Antartica, but Kentucky governor Matt Bevin doesn't think schools should be closed.
Tourists visit illuminated ice sculptures during the opening day of 35th Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival at the Harbin Ice and Snow World on January 5, 2019 in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province of China.

A city in China hosts an elaborate winter festival with giant ice castles, mass weddings, and a frigid swimming contest — take a look

One of the world's largest ice and snow festivals takes place in Harbin, China annually. It includes ice sculptures and a winter swimming contest.
"The biggest risk is when people try using different types of medicines without realizing they're doubling up."

The CDC is warning people about a cold-like virus that makes breathing difficult. Here’s what you need to know.

The CDC is warning people about RSV, an airborne illness that causes flu-like symptoms and that can be especially dangerous for young children.
You might be spreading your germs if you're washing your hands the wrong way.

5 little ways you could be spreading your germs to others

If you're sick, you could spread your germs by not washing your hands correctly, not staying home from work or school, or even just talking to people.

How to figure out if you have a cold or the flu — and the best way to treat it

The symptoms of a cold and the flu can often look the same, but there are some key differences. Allergies are a third variable to consider.