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Dwane Simmons, left, and Corey Ballentine, right.

A college football player was shot hours after being drafted by the New York Giants, and police haven’t named any suspects

Washburn University said Corey Ballentine was wounded and his teammate Dwane Simmons was killed in a shooting Sunday morning.
President Donald Trump congratulated North Dakota State quarterback Easton Stick on his season.

North Dakota State’s quarterback explained why visiting the White House was worthwhile whether ‘you like or don’t like’ Trump

North Dakota State quarterback Easton Stick said it was "remarkable" to meet a sitting president and see the history of the White House.

Tom Brady considered transferring in college but instead accepted the challenge of getting better and becoming the starter

The last 19 years in the NFL might have been a lot different if Brady had given up on Michigan and gone home.

Trump says he’ll serve the Clemson football team Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King at the White House

One week after their victory over Alabama, the Clemson Tigers will be able to add the savory taste of burgers and fries to their championship palates.

One of the hottest coaching prospects in football bailed on USC just a month after being announced so he could take over for the Arizona Cardinals

Kliff Kingsbury had a whirlwind few months, first getting fired by Texas Tech, then joining USC, then leaving USC after one month to become head coach of the Cardinals.

Clemson’s breakout true-freshman quarterback prepared for the playoff by studying opponents while eating at Chick-Fil-A

Trevor Lawrence's fuel may be Chick-Fil-A. The breakout true-freshman quarterback apparently readied for the playoffs while eating chicken sandwiches.

Clemson demolished Alabama in the college football championship in their third meeting in 4 years — and both teams were immediately favored to p...

Good news for fans of Clemson, Alabama, and rematches: both teams have the best odds to win the 2020 college football championship.

Alabama’s first drive of the second half ended with a baffling fake field goal attempt

On 4th-and-6, trailing by 15, Alabama tried to run on a fake field goal attempt in the college football championship, and it was quickly stopped by Clemson.