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Chicken and waffles became a popular after-show meal for jazz musicians during the Harlem Renaissance.

I ate chicken and waffles at Roscoe’s, the LA chain Obama and other celebrities love. I’d go back in a heartbeat.

Roscoe's knows the secret to top-notch chicken and waffles is simply using the best of both ingredients.
Howlin' Ray's has been open for years, but the ridiculous lines haven't gone away.

I waited 2 hours to eat at LA’s hottest chicken spot, and it was the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had

The wait to eat Howlin' Ray's hot chicken is hours long. I braved the line, and it was totally worth it.
There's nothing quite as comforting as a classic grilled cheese.

How to make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, according to a cheese expert

We spoke to a cheese expert about what type of cheese to use, how long to grill your bread, and many more great grilled cheese tips.
Ramen is a classic comfort dish from Japan.

Here’s what comfort food looks like in 26 countries around the world

From a creamy and cheesy onion soup in France to a hearty heap of chilaquiles in Mexico, here are 26 of the world's most delicious comfort foods.
One chef's favorite comfort food is corned beef and cabbage.

15 chefs share their favorite comfort foods

From soba noodles to soup, these chefs shared their favorite, go-to comfort foods that they can't get enough of.
There are healthy alternatives for all your favorite comfort foods.

14 simple swaps to make your favorite dishes healthier

Comfort foods are essential, especially during fall days. Unfortunately, they tend to be very caloric — but the good news is that there are some easy swaps to enjoy your favorite comfort foods in a bit of a healthier way.