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Wilbur Ross.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross supports delaying a trade deal until after the 2020 election, saying it eliminates an advantage for China

Ross noted that the US can weather the trade-war storm, and that Trump is "perfectly happy to continue with the tariffs as we have."
Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross shorted shares of a Kremlin-linked company days before a bombshell story dropped

Three days after receiving inquiries from the New York Times, Ross made the so-called short sale in Navigator Holdings. He closed out his position nearly three weeks after the Paradise Papers showed his investment and the company's link to the Kremlin.
Wilbur Ross holding up the cans.

Campbell’s Soup blasts new tariffs after Trump’s Commerce secretary used its soup can to defend them

Campbell's Soup replied to the Trump administration's new tariffs after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross used the company to defend the move.