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This year, Chance the Rapper will appear in Doritos' commercial, alongside the Backstreet Boys.

Here’s the full list of all the Super Bowl commercials we know about

Here's everything we know about the commercials airing during Super Bowl 2019. Newcomers include Procter & Gamble's Olay, Bumble, and Kraft's Devour.
Jack in the Box is under fire for a new ad

Jack in the Box is under fire for a ‘tone deaf’, sexually charged commercial about teriyaki bowls

Fast-food chain Jack in the Box is under fire for a sexual innuendo-laden TV advertisement that critics have called "tone deaf." The company launched a commercial featuring its mascot and fictitious CEO, Jack, bragging about the burger chain's new teriyaki bowls.

9 foods you thought were healthier than they are

Next time you take a stroll down your grocery's "health food" aisle, take note: Most of what you're looking at likely doesn't belong there.
Danny DeVito appearing in an M&M's commercial that will air during Super Bowl LII.

A 30-second Super Bowl commercial costs more than the Eagles’ starting quarterback earned all season

The cost of a Super Bowl commercial has exploded to over $5 million, but the high-price may be worth it for companies.

Taco Bell edited an ad for its ‘Naked Chicken Chalupa’ that some viewers claimed was ‘racist’

The commercial for the naked chicken chalupa, which is being taken off the chain's lineup in March, got complaints from users across social media.

Wes Anderson directed a wonderful Christmas ad starring Adrien Brody for H&M

More like a short film, Wes Anderson's four-minute H&M commercial is a fun holiday tale featuring H&M clothing.

Apple’s latest ad compares its new laptop to the discoveries of gravity and fire

The clip, released on Thursday, quickly runs through humanity's greatest hits: a space shuttle launch, the invention of the bicycle, and other great inventions.

Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro ad takes another swipe at Apple

Microsoft latest Surface Pro ad says Apple's MacBooks are as useful as a "hat for your cat."

John Cena has an important message about what patriotism really means

For the AdCouncil's "Love Has No Labels" campaign, John Cena walks you through what patriotism really is and explains what the average American looks like.