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US cuts oil production forecast through 2021 — padding the crushed market before a critical OPEC meeting

President Trump recently threatened to impose "very substantial tariffs" on Russia and Saudi Arabia if the nations don't cool their oil-price war.

Oil prices slump 3% after Saudi Arabia and Russia delay talks to end their price war

President Donald Trump threatened to slap 'very substantial' tariffs on their oil products if the pair fails to reach a deal.

OIL MARKET MADNESS: Here’s how a crucial breakdown between Russia and other major producers caused the biggest plunge in 29 years and tanked sto...

One expert warns of severe risks to credit markets, which could ultimately spark a global recession.
FILE PHOTO: Gold coins are displayed at Ginza Tanaka store in Tokyo

Gold hits 7-year high but analysts say the ‘level of fear in markets’ could push it to $2,000

"What we can see is the level of fear in markets is at extremes we haven't seen since the financial crisis," one analyst said.

Oil tumbles 31%, most since Gulf War, after surprise Saudi cuts trigger global price war

Instability in the oil market added to global financial woes and sent everything from stocks to bond yields plummeting.
FILE PHOTO: Pump jacks operate in front of a drilling rig in an oil field in Midland

GOLDMAN SACHS: Commodities markets are facing their biggest demand shock since the financial crisis

The pause to major manufacturing efforts shrank oil demand by 4 million barrels per day, Goldman wrote, compared to 5 million barrels per day in 2008.

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Oil climbs above $65 after an escalation in Libya’s civil war forces the shutdown of 2 major oilfields

Supporters of military commander Khalifa Haftar closed a pipeline connecting two major oilfields in Libya, sending Brent crude to the highest since January 9.
Pumpjacks are seen during sunset at the Daqing oil field in Heilongjiang

Oil is on pace for its best year since 2016 as global tensions and dwindling US inventories lift prices

American crude inventories fell to their lowest level in two months in the week ended December 20, propping up prices by cutting supply.

Goldman Sachs sees gold soaring 9% in 2020 as Trump’s trade war and recession fears grip investors

The investment bank pointed to a host of reasons, even Modern Monetary Theory, as factors in its forecast.