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7 things you need to look for when buying a new computer

When it comes to buying a new Mac or Windows computer, it's good to know what device will cater to your specific needs. Here's what specs you should be looking for depending what kind of user you are.

5 reasons I still use a big, heavy desktop that sits in one room while everyone else is going mobile

I still use a laptop when I have to, but when I don't, I'm desktop all the way.
Apple's 2018 MacBook Pro with the trackpad photoshopped out by yours truly.

Apple has an interesting idea for how to make its famous MacBook trackpads invisible

A recent Apple patent filing shows how Apple could theoretically ditch the normal trackpad for a version that encompasses the entire top section of a MacBook where the keyboard lies.

This Windows 10 laptop is perfect for those who love Apple’s MacBook Pro

The excellent Huawei Matebook Pro X is also up to $1,000 cheaper than Apple's MacBook Pro, even with such a gorgeous screen.

Apple apologizes for the MacBook Pro throttling ‘bug’ and releases a software fix

Apple apologized and said a software update would fix the overheating issue.

A prominent tech YouTuber says everyone is wrong about Apple’s new Core i9 MacBook Pro controversy, and he’s right — to an extent

It turns out that the Core i9 MacBook Pro actually performs better than Core i7 models. But you're still not getting your money's worth.

8 laptops for people who want the absolute best

No "standard" performance and specs here. These laptops are for people who want that premium experience.

This YouTube video shows that you have to put the new $2,800 MacBook Pro in a freezer to get it to work properly

Outside the freezer, the new MacBook Pro from Apple with the Intel Core i9 processor gets too hot and performs slower than last year's model, the video shows.

Apple fans are returning their new MacBook Pros that cost a minimum of $2,800 because they can’t reach the advertised speeds

You have to put the new Core i9 MacBook Pro from Apple in a freezer to get its full performance.