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A North Korean student using a computer at Kim Il Sung University.

Computers in North Korea run on look-alike Mac software called ‘Red Star 3.0’ — here’s what it’s like to use

What it's like to use "Red Star 3," North Korea's little-known computer software that looks a lot like earlier versions of Apple's MacOS software.

Everything I love and hate about Apple’s newest Mac Mini

After years of neglect, Apple finally updated its smallest and most affordable Mac desktop in 2018.
A "USB Killer" device on Amazon with the "Amazon's Choice" badge.

A former student returned to his college and fried $51,000 worth of computers using a simple device you can easily buy online

"USB killer" devices can be bought on Amazon; one of them even has an "Amazon's Choice" badge.

Prominent Apple blogger calls the MacBook’s butterfly keyboards the ‘worst products in Apple history’

Apple is "doing lasting harm to the reputation of the MacBook brand," said Daring Fireball's John Gruber, a prominent Apple blogger.

There’s one big reason why you shouldn’t buy Apple’s new $1,300 iMac

The $1,300 iMac with a 21.5-inch display still comes with an old and slow hard drive that doesn't match the rest of its specs.

Here are the 7 best features in ‘Mojave,’ Apple’s latest Mac software

MacOS Mojave, the latest Mac software from Apple, is filled with goodies.
Apple's tagline for WWDC 2019: "Write code. Blow minds."

Apple has announced the dates for WWDC 2019, its biggest tech conference of the year

Apple's annual developer conference, WWDC, will kick off on June 3, 2019.

I use computer glasses to protect my eyes from blue light — and my go-to pair is only $10

After almost a year, these under-$10 computer glasses from an unknown brand are my best workplace purchase.