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Facebook’s secretive hardware group made an armband that lets you ‘hear’ through your skin. It’s a key part of the companyR...

Researchers from Facebook's clandestine Building 8 — which aims to create the world's first brain-machine interfaces — created an armband that transforms words into understandable vibrations.

The beginner’s guide to technology in 2018: All of the essential gadgets and services actually worth your money

It's 2018, and you know nothing about technology. Here's where to start.

Microsoft just announced a brand-new laptop with heaps more power at the same $999 price

The Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 also comes in a rather sleek matte black color option.

Some Apple fans are building their own ‘Hackintoshes’ — Mac computers they build themselves. And they point to a weakness with Apple...

You don't need to buy a Mac from Apple to run macOS for the Apple experience. Meet the Hackintosh — computers that Apple fans are building from parts.

Apple’s new Mac software is now available to download — here are the 7 best features in ‘Mojave’

MacOS Mojave, the new Mac software from Apple, is filled with goodies.

Everything that’s wrong with the computers and laptops that Apple sells

I'm a big fan of Apple's computers, but they're not perfect.

Lenovo claims its new $850 laptop runs for 25 hours without charging

Lenovo's new Yoga laptop is designed for people who prize portability and battery life over anything else.

Here’s what all those numbers and letters in an Intel chip mean when you’re buying a new computer

There's a lot more than the "Core i5" or the "Core i7." Let's break it down.
Apple's new MacBook Air might look similar to the Huawei Mate Pro X (pictured above)

Everything we think we know about the new MacBook that Apple could announce soon

Apple will release a new MacBook Air later this year, according to a new report from Bloomberg. Expect thinner bezels, a higher resolution "Retina" display, and more.