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Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple is poised to add $40 billion to its market cap and surge past the $1 trillion mark after blowout earnings

Apple stock rose 4% in premarket trading after earnings that saw services revenue jump 13% to a record high of around $11.5 billion

The best computer speakers you can buy

Every desktop computer deserves a great sound system. There are the best computer speakers you can buy to deck out your desktop setup.

The best webcams you can buy for video conferencing or streaming

If you need to do video calls or create a video stream, you need a great webcam. These are the best webcams you can buy.

Apple’s new iMacs are the high-end desktop computers Mac fans have been waiting for — and they’re available now for $1,299 and up

Apple came out with a couple new iMac computers. Here are the specs, prices, and availability for the new iMacs.

The best gaming monitors you can buy

Gaming monitors are all about the refresh rate. These are the best gaming monitors that you can buy to optimize your gaming experience.

The best ergonomic keyboards you can buy

These are the best ergonomic keyboards to make sure you stay pain-free while you spend the day typing away.

The best ultrawide monitors you can buy

These are the best ultrawide monitors that you can buy to enhance your computing experience.

The world’s largest producer of bitcoin mining chips, which is run by a 32-year-old billionaire, is reportedly considering an IPO

As Bitmain Technologies expands into developing chips for artificial-intelligence computing, it might be considering going public.

We just got better at detecting this quantum phenomenon that Einstein thought was too ‘spooky’ to be real

Entanglement, a phenomenon in quantum physics, seems to the surpass the speed of light, violating the cosmic speed limit.