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9 things that can make your birth control methods less effective

Whether you use condoms or take birth control pills, there are a lot of things that can make your birth control methods less effective.
There's something not quite right here.

A 23-year-old barber stapled condoms to his business cards, but people were quick to point out a major flaw

By stapling the cards to the condoms, he poked holes in them, rendering them useless.
Bill Gates spoke at the Malaria Summit in April 2018 in London.

Scientists invented a new self-lubricating condom with money from Bill Gates — and it could help fight sexual-transmitted disease

It could cut down on unwanted pregnancies by making condoms more appealing. The work, backed by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, resulted in a condom that stays slippery for more than 1,000 thrusts.
Don't reuse condoms. Seriously.

The CDC is warning people to stop reusing and washing condoms — here’s why it’s dangerous

Condoms are rendered completely ineffective after one use — meaning that you should throw them directly in the trash, rather than washing and reusing them, the CDC says.

The Olympic Village will be stocked with 37 condoms per athlete — and it could be because of Tinder

The prevalence of dating apps like Tinder could be one reason for the stockpiling of condoms at this month's Winter Olympics.

The condom of the future is here

LELO has reinvented the condom.