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Confidence doesn't always come naturally.

8 things you can do today to feel more confident

Confidence doesn't always come naturally. Here are some simple tips and tricks for feeling more confident.
Here's how to get people to like you instantly.

21 simple social skills that will make you instantly more likable

From good posture to asking the right questions, some of these surprisingly simple social skills can really help you win people over.
Who doesn't like getting compliments?

Compliments activate the same part of your brain as getting cash. A psychotherapist explains how they work.

A sincere, thoughtful compliment can leave an impact even years later. What is it about compliments that makes them so powerful?
Overconfidence can backfire.

The best leaders tend to be the ones who didn’t want the job in the first place

Sure, confidence can prompt you to raise your hand for a leadership position. But once you're in power, a little self-doubt can go a long way.

After a former GE exec got some tough feedback from the CEO, she took a simple step to improve

Don't be afraid to ask your boss for help on career issues that you're struggling with, says former GE exec Beth Comstock. It worked out well for her.
'Niceness' can be a helpful tool in a negotiation.

I used to let people walk all over me at work — until I learned how I could use my niceness to my advantage

Being too nice in business can be either a help or a hindrance. But if you use your agreeability to your advantage, you can negotiate masterfully while being 'nice.'

5 steps that can change how others perceive you for the better

Confidence isn't something you are necessarily born with — but you can learn it. Susie Moore shares five ways you can build your confidence and exude a positive image to others. Doing so will not only help you feel great, but it can help you find more success.
There's something you could learn from your local narcissist.

There’s a reason your narcissistic coworkers might be getting promotions instead of you — here’s what you can learn from them

Narcissists often believe that they can accomplish anything, even if they don't have the abilities necessary for the task. But there are things you can learn from your narcissistic coworkers — without becoming an egomaniac yourself.
Encouraging your kids to try something different could help boost their confidence.

Psychologists say parents should do these 21 things to raise a more confident child

How to raise a confident child is an important question parents have to tackle as they set their kids up for success. As a parent, it's your job to support your child as they attempt to tackle difficult tasks. Keep reading for 21 tips from psychologists on how to raise a confident child.