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When government is unresponsive to the peoples’ needs, then the people can take back their inalienable rights

US democracy is not at risk — it’s working like the Constitution intended it to

Two of the three branches of US government might currently be sputtering — if they're not completely broken — but there are other powerful engines the Constitution outlines that protect US democracy, and keep it moving forward.
Tens of thousands of Vietnam vets are still waiting for the VA to recognize their exposure to Agent Orange.

43 years after the Vietnam war, many Navy veterans are still battling for benefits for potential Agent Orange exposure

A bill is making its way through Congress that would extend VA benefits to veterans who were stationed in ships off the Vietnamese coast. Early this month, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie sent a letter to the Senate asking to stop the bill, saying its provisions are based on sympathy instead of science.

A top Democrat just laid out their plan to probe Trump if they win back control — including looking at his personal finances

"Also I think we want to focus on the integrity of the interests of the president in terms of what interests he has and is he pursuing policies that are in the public’s interest or in the Trump investment interest," House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said.
Donald Trump.

A top Democrat is taking aim at a curious discrepancy between Trump’s financial disclosure and what Michael Cohen and federal prosecutors laid o...

A top Democrat is taking aim at President Donald Trump's most recent financial disclosure in requesting a trove of documents from the White House and the Trump Organization related to the reimbursement of the president's former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen for hush payments to women.

Trump-backed GOP congressman abruptly resigns to focus on campaign for governor in hotly contested Florida race

"In order to honor my principles and protect the taxpayer, I officially resign from the House of Representatives effective immediately," DeSantis wrote. "For purposes of pay, I ask that my resignation be retroactive to September 1 so that I do not receive any pay for the month of September."

Trump on shutting down the government: ‘Rush Limbaugh says it’s the greatest thing you can do’

"There are a lot of politicians that I like and respect and are with me all the way that would rather not do it because they have races, they’re doing well, they’re up," he said. "The way they look at it, might be good, might be bad."

Republicans are enraged by the ‘resistance’ New York Times op-ed — but not about what it said

"It's a person obviously who is living in dishonesty," Ryan said. "That doesn't help the president. So if you're not interested in helping the president, then you shouldn't work for the president as far as I'm concerned."
Ayanna Pressley delivers her victory speech after winning a Democratic congressional primary in Massachusetts.

Democrat Ayanna Pressley scored a huge upset win in Massachusetts, becoming the latest progressive insurgent to topple the establishment

Democratic voters are ready for new leadership — at least in Massachusetts, where Ayanna Pressley scored a landslide victory over 10-term Rep. Michael Capuano, a progressive mainstay with deep establishment support.

In his last book, McCain revealed how he found out he had brain cancer

In his last memoir, Arizona Senator and former Republican presidential candidate John McCain revealed the heartbreaking details of how he found out he had brain cancer.

A member of Congress dipped her toes into crypto — and likely took a big hit

The entire cryptocurrency market has gotten whacked since January, when the craze surrounding the nascent industry was nearing its peak. The flagship bitcoin has declined by 52% this year after hitting a peak of $19,843 shortly after the new year.