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(left to right) Ruth Davidson, Neil O'Brien MP, Douglas Ross MP, Kirsten Haire MP and Onward Director Will Tanner.

The Conservatives are ‘sleepwalking into opposition’ warns former Theresa May aide

Speaking exclusively to Business Insider, Theresa May's former Deputy Head of her Policy Unit Will Tanner said that the Conservatives were "sleepwalking into opposition" as centre-right thinkers have "run out of steam".
Brigham Young University is one of the most conservative colleges in the United States, but it didn't take the No. 1 spot.

The 25 most conservative colleges in America

Niche ranked the most conservative colleges in America as part of its annual series of college rankings. Most of the top 25 are private Christian colleges, and the South is the most represented region on the list.
George Freeman MP.

Theresa May told to quit at the end of Brexit talks

George Freeman, the prime minister's former policy advisor, said on Thursday that May should step aside to let a younger MP lead Britain into the next stage of negotiating Brexit.
Guto Bebb, the Conservative MP for Aberconwy.

A fifth Conservative MP has joined the campaign for a People’s Vote on Brexit

Guto Bebb, the Conservative MP for Aberconwy and former defence minister, has announced his support for the People’s Vote campaign today. He joins Sarah Wollaston, Justine Greening, Anna Soubry, and Philip Lee.
Theresa May faces a plot from former UKIP activists to take over the party and oust her as prime minister.

Conservative MPs speak out about the UKIP entryists trying to take over their party and oust Theresa May

Pro-EU Conservative MPs have reported a spike in people trying to join the party. They believe the party is evolving and leaving pro-EU, moderate Conservative MPs behind.
Pro-EU politicians in Labour and the Conservatives are considering splitting from their parties.

Moderate Conservative and Labour MPs are in talks with the Lib Dems to form a new centrist alliance

Exclusive: Liberal Democrats are preparing to form an alliance with moderate MPs from the Conservatives and Labour "in the next six months," a senior Lib Dem told BI.
Chuka Umunna MP.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is institutionally racist says Chuka Umunna

The former Labour leadership candidate said both main parties have institutional racism and do not deserve to govern.
Prime Minister Theresa May and Liam Fox

Liam Fox’s future in doubt as Theresa May prepares for the ‘softest possible’ Brexit

Civil servants and analysts tell Business Insider that the International Trade Secretary's future is in doubt.

Director of ‘Desire’ on Netflix responds to critics who claim its opening scene is ‘child pornography’

A film currently streaming on Netflix called "Desire" depicts a young girl accidentally having her first sexual experience, which conservative critics are calling "child pornography." The director recently responded to online backlash against the film.
Christopher Chope MP's official parliamentary portrait.

Conservatives are distancing themselves from the Tory MP who blocked a law to ban upskirting

Christopher Chope MP blocked a bill that would've criminalised taking photos up women's skirts — and the Tories are now desperately trying to avert a PR disaster.