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Pedestrians cross Zocalo Street in Mexico City, Mexico.

A 150,000-person study of credit card and cell phone records reveals how stereotypes of city dwellers are often wrong

The spending behavior of urban residents differs based on age and gender, according to a new study that tracks the credit card and cell phone data of 150,000 consumers in Mexico City.

Retail experts say Hispanics aren’t shopping because of Trump

Hispanic shoppers aren't spending like they used to, and retail analysts say it's because of the Trump effect.

‘What the president says, I have money riding on’: The ripple effects of Trump’s import-tax plan

"If we go to an import tax, that's going to be seen as a permanent change," a Texas businessman said. "If it's permanent, we're going to move prices upward."

We’re on the brink of a fundamental change in ​health

Business Insider chatted with CEOs and investors to find out what a consumer revolution could do to the healthcare industry.

The way Americans spend on 3 things reveal just how confident they really are

American's spending habits show that they are incredibly confident.