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2 rules you must follow if you eat dinner with the queen

It's important to follow the queen's lead during meals.

A British Airways pilot saved the day after a plane bounced off the runway thanks to strong crosswinds

A recent British Airways flight from Hyderabad, India, to London, UK, appeared to bounce off the runway while landing at Heathrow Airport.
David Aguliar poses with his prosthetic arm built with Lego pieces.

A teen nicknamed ‘Hand Solo’ built himself a robotic prosthetic arm using Lego pieces

David Aguilar built himself a robotic prosthetic arm using Lego pieces. He was born without a right forearm due to a rare genetic condition.

Norway and Canada are battling it out for the title of the world’s tallest moose statue

Mac the Moose towers over Norway's stainless steel statue by just one centimeter.
Author not pictured.

I retired at age 34, but 7 years later, I’ve decided to head back to work

Sam Dogen retired early at 34, but with a recession looming and the stay-at-home dad routine wearing on him, he want to head back to work.

A Japanese airline revealed its new Hawaii-inspired plane that looks like a giant sea turtle

The cabin interior is also Hawaii-themed with rainbow, sky, and ocean lighting.
Cheese makes flying so much better.

This Swiss Airline is serving cheese fondue to passengers in economy seats

The airline is offering cheese fondue along with other traditional Swiss dishes such as freshly baked pain au lait, chocolate tarts and Swiss hot chocolate.

You can now buy ‘slipper’ pet beds that look like giant Crocs

One retailer is selling a pet bed that looks like a giant fleece-lined Croc.
Costa Coffee.

One coffee chain created a reusable mug that you can actually use to pay for your order

Costa's "Clever Cup" reusable mug has a contactless chip attached to its base that can be scanned for payment at any location.

Arby’s is testing a ‘beer can’ sandwich made with chicken marinated in Miller High Life

One version of the sandwich features pit-smoked ham and crispy chicken.