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Char Kway Teow is a popular noodle dish in Malaysia — one of many foods most Americans are missing out on.

16 foods around the world Americans are missing out on, from bunny chow to stroopwafels

The US is home to virtually every type of cuisine, but there are still many international foods most Americans aren't familiar with.They include poutine from Canada, goulash from Hungary, and mango sticky rice from Thailand.

5 ways Amazon Echo makes life in the kitchen so much better

I've owned an Amazon Echo for almost three years, and the speaker has changed the way I live in my apartment. But while the Echo has a ton of features and skills for all types of needs and situations, I'd argue that Amazon's line of Echo smart speakers are actually best used in the kitchen.

Cannibalism used to be a popular medical remedy — here’s why humans don’t eat each other today

Putting aside the morals and social standards which make cannibalism taboo, there are plenty of other reasons why eating other humans is not a good idea.

How I cook a healthy and delicious dinner for 4 every night for $300 a month

If you plan your menus and grocery shopping carefully, you can prepare delicious dinners every night of the week without breaking the bank. Here's how I cook a healthy, delicious meal for four on $300 a month.
People are re-creating their favorite McDonald's dishes at home.

People are going viral by making McDonald’s menu items like the Big Mac, McRib, and McNuggets at home — and the dishes look even better th...

A Facebook group dedicated to recreating McDonald's menu items at home is going viral as regular people make their own versions of dishes like the Big Mac, McRib, and McNuggets.

Bad news for people who prefer well-done meat: It’s linked to an increased risk for high blood pressure

Eating meat or fish that was cooked at high temperatures, over an open flame, or well-done may be linked to a higher chance of hypertension.

Airbnb’s lesser-known ‘Experiences’ section curates local events and tours so you’ll always have something to do

Go truffle hunting in Florence or bike riding in Bali with Airbnb Experiences — that, or just blow your next “first date” out of the water in your home city.
Chef Bryce Shuman of New York City's Betony showed Business Insider's health reporter Kevin Loria the proper way to kill a lobster before cooking it.

Do lobsters feel pain?

The Swiss government has ruled that lobsters must be stunned before they are killed, though the research on whether lobsters feel pain or not is still inconclusive.
Daniel Boulud let Business Insider into his kitchen to see how he makes the db Burger.

World-famous chef Daniel Boulud reveals his secrets to making the perfect burger

Chef Daniel Boulud shows us how the famous db Burger is created, step by step.