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Even Chrissy Teigen was impressed.

A video of a viral garlic-peeling hack is blowing everyone’s mind — and even Chrissy Teigen is impressed

Some people seem skeptical that the viral garlic-peeling hack actually works, but multiple homemade videos appear to show that it's effective.
INSIDER asked several chefs to share their tips for cooking a burger.

How to make the perfect burger, according to chefs

Cooking the perfect burger requires more attention to detail than you might think. INSIDER asked professional chefs what it takes.
Properly cooking meat can be harder than it looks.

9 of the best tips for cooking meat, according to chefs

From cooking steaks to grilling chicken, here are some chefs' best tips for cooking meat easily and deliciously.
There are a few ways you can save time as you cook.

9 of the best cooking shortcuts, according to chefs

Chefs certainly know how to make cooking fun and efficient. These cooking hacks and shortcuts will help you spend less time and effort in the kitchen.

The best toaster ovens you can buy

Toaster ovens can be perfect for small living spaces that don't have room for a full oven. These are the best toaster ovens you can buy.
I own quite a few celebrity cookbooks.

I ate only meals from celebrity cookbooks for a week and it was way more work that I thought it would be

I spent a week preparing food from celebrity cookbooks like Chrissy Teigen's "Cravings" and Joanna Gaines' "Magnolia Table." Here's how it went.
Chef, TV host, and writer Anthony Bourdain.

16 quotes from Anthony Bourdain on love, travel, and omelets that show why he’s so missed

It's been one year since the tragic death of celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Here are his most thought-provoking quotes on his favorite topics.
You can microwave tons of foods safely.

10 foods you didn’t know you could cook in the microwave

From bacon to squash, here are some foods that you can easily cook using your microwave that will come out tasting great.
The Instant Pot.

8 mistakes you’re making with your Instant Pot, and how to avoid them

Though people seem to love the Instant Pot, there are a few common mistakes that might sour your experience with it.
Cooking chicken isn't always easy.

11 mistakes you’re making when cooking chicken

From thawing frozen meat incorrectly to rinsing off your poultry, here are some mistakes you're making when cooking chicken that could ruin your dish.