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The bizarre story of 1MDB, the Goldman Sachs-backed Malaysian fund that turned into one of the biggest scandals in financial history

It's one of the greatest scandals in financial history. "1MDB" started as a plan to fund Malaysian infrastructure projects but turned into $3 billion problem.

Ivanka Trump wins 16 Chinese trademarks despite shutting down her business

Ivanka Trump's brand won 16 new Chinese trademarks despite shutting down her brand, raising questions of continued conflicts of interest.
Venice's Mose project remains unfinished.

A $6.5 billion sea wall was supposed to stop Venice from flooding. Now, most of the city is underwater.

Officials suspect that a massive flood barrier could have protected Venice from this week's devastating round of storms.
A Ukrainian man, who had been declared dead, was found alive and well and living in this French castle earlier this month.

Ukrainian man who authorities say forged his death certificate is found alive in France, living in a castle with a Rolls Royce Phantom

Europol would not identify the suspect that they arrested at a castle near Dijon, France on October 5, but sources told Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty that the man is Dmytro Malynovskyy.
Protesters calling for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to step down cheer in front of a military vehicle in Harare, Zimbabwe, November 18, 2017.

The 32 most corrupt countries in the world

The countries seen as most corrupt tend to be in Africa, Central America, and the Middle East, in societies with weak legal and governmental systems and widespread poverty.

Eight Malaysian former spies arrested for alleged misappropriation of government funds

The crackdown by Mahathir government on corruption allegedly linked to the administration of his predecessor, Najib Razak, continues to widen.
Al Sanea

‘An enormous, long-standing Ponzi scheme’: A court rules that a Saudi business empire was complicit in defrauding more than 100 banks

A dispute involving a Saudi-Arabian business empire ended after the judge ruled it was complicit in defrauding more than 100 banks for billions of dollars.
Former prime minister Najib Razak

A bullet was sent to the home of Malaysia’s top anti-corruption official investigating a former prime minister — and now he’s back t...

In an emotional speech on Tuesday, Mohd Shukri Abdull said during a 2015 investigation, which was linked to prime minister Najib Razak, he was intimidated, harassed, and threatened. Witnesses also disappeared during the investigation.