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Cardi B isn't the first celebrity to share her decision to get a "mommy makeover."

Cardi B got liposuction after having her baby. From breast lifts to vaginal rejuvenation, here are 6 popular ‘mommy makeover’ surgeries.

Cardi B and Ayesha Curry are celebs who've gotten "mommy makeovers." Liposuction, boob jobs, and butt jobs appeal to non-famous new moms, too.
For some people, cellulite is only visible when they pinch their skin.

Why you get cellulite and what to do about it, according to a dermatologist and plastic surgeon

Cellulite pills, creams, and other products aren't backed by scientific evidence. Here's what skin experts say works.
Liposuction is used to uncover a person's abs.

An $8,000 liposuction procedure promises 6-pack abs without lifting a finger

Abdominal etching, a procedure that uses liposuction to get rid of body fat, can help create a six-pack without exercise.
Following her implant removal, Barrow said her symptoms went away.

A woman had a celebratory photo shoot with her just-removed implants after years of ‘breast implant illness’

After 12 years with breast implants, Susan Barrow finally decided to get them removed due to health issues.
The procedure comes with risks including infection and hearing problems.

A photo of a man with the center of his ear cut out has gone viral. Now a plastic surgeon is warning about the dangers of ‘ear conch’ remo...

Ear conch removal, which involves cutting out the inner part of the ear, is risky and hard to reverse.
Would you want to surgically change your appearance?

4 people who went under the knife told us why they did it, and their stories explain why the average age for cosmetic surgery keeps getting younger

INSIDER spoke to four people who have had cosmetic surgery about why they went under the knife, and whether they regret the experience.
In an effort to change the size of their scrotums, people are seeking out filler injections.

People are trying to make their testicles bigger with filler injections, and doctors are concerned

In an effort to change the size of their scrotums, people are seeking out filler injections. However, doctors say this method isn't worth the cost.
It seems Kylie Jenner has returned to using lip fillers.

Kylie Jenner confirmed she got lip fillers again after going without them for months

After announcing earlier this year that she'd decided to ditch her signature lip fillers, Kylie Jenner seems to be using them again. in a recent post on her Instagram story, Jenner showed off new, plumper lips and thanked Pawnta Cosmetic Dermatology for the "lip touch up."

A Costa Rican company just went public and is set to disrupt an outdated breast implant industry

Costa Rica-based Establishment Labs, maker of Motiva Implants, is gearing up for FDA clinical trials after going public last week.