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7 countries where higher education is free

Sweden does not charge tuition fees for both public and private colleges, while Norway spends 1.3% of its annual GDP paying for college tuition.

7 surprising costs of being a college student you probably wouldn’t expect

Tuition and room and board is just the start. From parking to paying for credit for your unpaid internship, college is full of surprise expenses.
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, pictured, is the second-best value college in the US, according to Kiplinger.

The 21 best-value colleges in the US, based on what students earn in the workforce years later

iplinger rounded up the best colleges by value, comparing costs of tuition and median salaries of past students.
Follow these tips to fund your college education.

5 signs the scholarship you’re applying for may be a scam

Language like "limited time offer" and "winning guaranteed or your money back" are common signs of scholarship scams.
Is attending an Ivy League college worth the return on investment?

A college coach who used to read applications at Yale says most students should think twice before enrolling in the Ivy League

The founder of IvyWise, a college-counseling firm, says students should weigh the benefits of attending an Ivy League if they won't get financial aid.
The typical starting salary for an NYU graduate is $58,700.

20 US colleges where financial aid could be better, according to students

The Princeton Review ranked colleges by their financial aid packages, according to students. More than half are located in the northeast.