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A Chevrolet Cruze (although not the one belonging to the author).

My family saves thousands of dollars a year keeping just one car in the suburbs, and we make it work thanks to 3 everyday habits

Driving one car instead of two means we save thousands of dollars a year, and we've never been happier.
In these 15 states, retirees can expect to see $1 million in retirement funds last at least 21 years.

The 15 states where $1 million in retirement savings will last the longest

Want to stretch your retirement savings? A cool $1 million in retirement savings will last at least 21 years in each of these states.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The author's home is not shown — it is pictured below.

Here’s exactly what it costs me to live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

I rent a room in a nice non-HOA neighborhood, in a three-bedroom, two-bathroom, single-family house with a pool.
Wealthy Gen Xers are moving to the south and southeast. Miami, Florida is pictured.

High-income Americans in their 30s and 40s are flocking to these 13 US states

Wealthy Gen Xers are heading for the southeast, while the northeast and the Midwest are losing many Gen Xers.
Denver, Colorado.

11 places in the US where home values just keep rising

If you are looking to buy a home soon, getting into these 11 markets may very well be worth the move.
The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act, which was passed in 2017, will impact homeowners filing this tax season.

6 of the worst hidden costs of living in the suburbs

Living in the suburbs can be extremely expensive, and often in unexpected ways. Here are the worst ones.
Kate Dore, with her home in Nashville, Tennessee.

10 years after I bought my house, I spent over $21,000 for updates and repairs. Here are 6 expenses I never saw coming.

After 10 years in the house, she had to take on projects including replacing the roof and gutters, repairing a ceiling, and adding insulation.

Singapore is now the most expensive — and most competitive — city on earth

Singapore overtook the US and Hong Kong as the world's most competitive economy, according to IMD Business School's annual rankings.

The 25 most expensive cities in the world for gas

A Deutsche Bank report found that gasoline is most expensive in Hong Kong, Oslo, Amsterdam, and Milan.

The 15 least expensive cities to live in America

According to this map, a big number of the most affordable cities in America are in the South and Midwest.