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15 US cities where wealthy families pay the least in taxes

Suburbs in states with no income taxes are the best places for wealthy families wanting to save on taxes, according to GOBankingRates data.
Kelly Burch in front of her home in New Hampshire.

Here’s exactly what it costs to own my 3-bedroom, 2,700-square foot home on 2.3 acres in rural New Hampshire

I bought my house at a bargain because it was a foreclosure, so I only owe $161,000, but my mortgage and taxes are still my biggest expense.

11 differences between raising kids in a big city versus the suburbs

Raising children is expensive no matter what, but whether parents decide to raise them in a city or a suburb can impact the cost significantly.
Even high-earning workers in San Francisco can barely afford housing.

Here’s exactly how much more you’d have to earn to live a similar life in San Francisco

Cost of living is out of control in San Francisco and its surrounding suburbs compared to rest of the country. Here's how income compares.
Cincinnati, Ohio.

19 US cities where moving in together won’t save you much money at all

In Cincinnati, Oklahoma City, and Louisville, residents won't save much money each month by moving in together.

11 US cities where moving in together could save you the most money

From Chicago to Austin to San Francisco, couples in these 11 US cities could save big by moving in together.
The author in Santa Barbara, California.

I’ve paid more rent living in California than ever before, but I’m not sorry I moved here

After moving from the midwest to California for a job, the author experienced major sticker shock when she started looking for an apartment.

The 25 US cities with the lowest cost of living

Niche found the US cities with the lowest cost of living, looking at home value, property taxes, rent prices, and more.

15 cities where earning $100,000 a year isn’t nearly enough to live well

A $100,000 per year salary won't cut it in these cities. In Sunnyvale California, it takes more than $230,000 per year to live well.

25 US cities where families are leaving in droves

Families are leaving traditionally expensive cities like New York City and Los Angeles, and smaller cities like Pittsburgh and Milwaukee.