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Here’s how you can use your Costco membership to book a cruise

Costco members can book cruises through Costco Travel.
Costco probably still wants customers to come to its stores.

How to rent a car using your Costco membership

Costco members can rent cars at discounted prices through Costco Travel.
Costco Travel allows members to book luxury hotels at lower prices than competitors.

Costco will now let you book luxury hotels for discounts of up to 30% — here’s how it works

Costco Travel now allows you to book luxury hotels. Here's how it works, and how it compares to Expedia and Priceline.
Costco Travel is one of the company's fastest-growing areas.

People are obsessed with booking their vacations through Costco — and now there are even more benefits

Costco Travel offers members some appealing benefits, including 2% cash back on travel purchases by executive members.