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Watch Adam Savage go undercover as Chewbacca at New York Comic Con

Did you come across a 7-foot-tall Chewbacca at Comic Con in New York? There was a familiar face inside.

Lena Dunham wore an NSFW anti-Donald Trump costume for Halloween

Lena Dunham used her Halloween costume to show how disgusted she was by Donald Trump's past comments.

The costume from Netflix’s hit ‘Stranger Things’ that’s blowing up this Halloween

Netflix's newcomer "Stranger Things" has proven popular in the Halloween season as people dress up, especially Eleven.

19 stunning images from the costume festival that thousands of tourists flock to Venice to celebrate

During Carnival, Venetians and tourists don masks and get out in the streets to party.

Mom pens furious open letter to Party City about its ‘sexy cop’ Halloween costume for little girls

She is furious that there are few choices for girls' careers costumes.