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Singapore police officer to lead new Interpol counter-terrorism unit

The Asia-Pacific team will start with six officers, including the Singapore Police Force representative, each skilled in various aspects of fighting terrorism.

Man carrying two canisters of gasoline and lighters was arrested at New York’s St. Patrick’s Cathedral

The cathedral is one of New York City's most prominent landmarks. The arrest comes days after a massive fire erupted at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris.

A spike in terror-related arrests shows that the threat of attacks in Britain is more intense than ever

Police made 70% more terrorism-related arrests last year than the year before, according to new Home Office statistics.

Police hope this technology can stop future terror attacks like London Bridge and Barcelona

The London Metropolitan Police's Talon is expected to stop vehicles with spikes and nets.

Venice’s mayor said shouting ‘Allahu akbar’ in his city will get you shot — but everybody laughed at him

Luigi Brugnaro, an independent politician who prides himself on not being "politically correct", made the threat in the wake of the Barcelona terror attacks.

British police made this right-wing extremism simulator which ends in you murdering somebody

Cross The Line is a web narrative that uses your Twitter account to simulate the descent of disaffected British youths into extremism and violence.

The University of Chicago is canceling classes Monday after the FBI warned of possible gun violence

"The University was informed by FBI counterterrorism officials today that an unknown individual posted an online threat of gun violence ..."