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Ex-Maryland police officer has been charged with raping and attempting to transmit HIV to a woman he pulled over

A Maryland Grand Jury has indicted former police officer Martique Vanderpool on charges that he raped and attempted to expose a woman with HIV.

Google is bringing 3 Nest products to Singapore – here are the coolest things I found on them

Now you can disconnect your kids' Wifi to make sure they do their homework.

Google gave me a sneak peek of its upcoming Pixel 4, and these 5 new features were the most impressive

The Pixel 4 will hit Singapore stores on October 24, with prices starting from S$1,119.

I was at wits’ end with my baby’s eczema flare-ups – until these probiotic air purifiers came along

I tried all sorts of creams and medicines to treat my baby's raw eczema-affected skin. But none of them worked - until I used this.

3 easier ways to buy the new iPhones without joining the insane overnight queue outside the Apple store

Instead of braving the sun and the rain and queuing up for nearly 24 hours, here are some alternatives to get the new iPhones.

A British court was forced to rely on Google Translate because it had no interpreter

Officials at Teesside Magistrates' Court were at a loss after no Mandarin interpreter was available.

MIKE ASHLEY: Allegations of mixing drinking with business ‘intended to damage my reputation’

"I don't just turn up to to a venue with someone and negotiate a binding agreement in a few hours over drinks," Ashley said.

George Soros is using his massive wealth to reshape the US justice system

Soros has pumped over $3 million into seven local district-attorney campaigns in six states in the past year, reports Politico.