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If you shopped at these 15 stores in the last year, your data might have been stolen

Data breaches continue to be a threat to consumers. Many companies were hacked and likely had information stolen from them since January 2017.
Plastiq founders Eliot Buchanan and Dan Choi.

Two Harvard alums built a payment app so people can pay for rent, tuition, and even taxes with a credit card

Plastiq enables users to pay bills with a credit card, but charges a 2.5% fee. Plastiq can help you rack up credit card points, but if you're not careful, the fees could outweigh the rewards. Here's how to know if Plastiq is worth it.
American Express charges higher swipe fees than other cards, such as MasterCard and Visa.

Credit card rewards lovers just scored a huge win in the Supreme Court — but it could cost them more in the long run

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of American Express' anti-steering provisions, which prevent merchants from offering customers incentives to use other credit cards that charge lower swipe fees. Here's what that means for your credit card rewards and the cost of merchandise.

More Americans are struggling to pay their credit cards, and what’s holding them back is only getting worse

It's getting more expensive to borrow from banks in America, and some credit-card holders are struggling to keep up because interest rates are rising.

Walmart and Target are quietly killing one of the most annoying things about shopping in stores

As credit-card companies kill customer-signature requirements, retailers like Walmart and Target are following suit.
Cheap flights can be made possible by signing up for the right credit card rewards programs, Alex and Erin Miller of Upgraded Points said.

The 6 best credit cards for travel rewards, according to a couple who flew around the world for just $1,000 each

The key to cheap flights aboard luxury airlines is cashing in the right credit card rewards.
Millennials gobbled up Chase's promotion for home buyers with Sapphire cards.

A Chase Sapphire experiment is getting revived and expanded after the trial run blew away expectations with millennials last year

After a Chase Sapphire promotion last year struck a chord with millennial homebuyers, JPMorgan is reviving and expanding the experiment.

Major credit card companies are joining together to quietly kill one of the most annoying things about shopping in stores

In 2018, major credit card companies including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express will no longer require customers to sign their receipts when checking out.
Millennials didn't hate credit cards. They just wanted something marketed toward them and not their parents.

People thought millennials hated credit cards — then JPMorgan cracked the code with the Chase Sapphire Reserve

JPMorgan Chase made a splash with its now-legendary Sapphire reserve credit card, thanks in part to figuring out what millennials wanted in a premium card.
Signing your name "serves basically no purpose," according to a credit card expert.

At stores like Target and Walmart, shoppers will no longer sign for credit-card purchases — and they probably should have stopped years ago

A credit card expert says it's about time stores like Walmart and Target eliminate receipt signatures for purchases.