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Why you should consider opening Bank of America’s $95-a-year rewards credit card

The Bank of America Premium Rewards credit card is a great option for anyone looking for a simple but solid rewards credit card.

The Wells Fargo Propel is arguably the best no-fee personal credit card to open in 2018 — here’s why

The Wells Fargo Propel has no annual fee, a 30,000 point welcome bonus, and gets 3x points per dollar on food, travel, and popular streaming services.

AmEx has relaunched its popular Business Gold Card with a new earning structure, but it may not be the best option for everyone

American Express has relaunched the gold version of its business card with new benefits, perks, and even a new name.
Chase Ink Business Preferred and Wells Fargo Propel are two of the best options if you're looking for cell phone protection through your credit card.

5 great benefits you might not realize your credit card comes with

Many credit cards have lesser-known benefits that can be extremely valuable like travel insurance, cell phone protection, airport lounge access, and more.

How to book virtually free flights and hotels for an epic Hawaiian vacation with just 2 rewards credit cards

Think a trip to Hawaii is out of the cards? Use the Hilton Ascend Card and Hawaiian Airlines World Elite Mastercard to travel there for virtually free.
They paid off their $330,000 mortgage in five years.

6 genius tips from a couple who paid off $330,000 of debt in 5 years

Tai and Talaat McNeely of His & Her Money paid off $330,000 in just five years — on one income. Their tricks included using 13 bank accounts, turning hobbies into side hustles, and being super organized. Their tips can help you pay off huge debt, no matter how impossible it seems.

5 reasons your credit could be terrible, even if you think it’s not

Your credit score may slowly be getting worse over time without you realizing it. Here are five ways to know if you have a bad credit score, even if you think you have good credit.

Stores and credit-card companies are in an all-out war over fees

Stores like Target, Home Depot, and Amazon are pushing for an end to a rule that forces them to accept any and all credit cards by a single network. Visa and Mastercard say that change would lead to mass customer confusion.
Using credit cards can lead to mindless purchases.

I stopped using credit cards completely in an attempt to get out of debt — here’s what happened

Credit cards play a large role in debt for Americans. Laura McCamy stopped using credit cards to pay off her debt — but without revolving credit, her credit score evaporated. Though giving up credit cards can reduce debt, there are some unexpected problems that come with cutting the cards.
Members of online communities of credit card super users have been sweating over reports of cardholders having all their credit card accounts shut down by JPMorgan Chase.

Credit-card super users are searching for answers amid a string of shutdowns from Chase, as billions in costs on lavish rewards pile up

Members of online communities of credit-card super users have been sweating over reports of cardholders having all their credit card accounts shut down by JPMorgan Chase.