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AirPods have become a millennial status symbol, and Apple’s earnings suggest they could be its next big thing after the iPhone

Apple's AirPods have become a status symbol since the company launched them in 2016, and it's helping the firm offset slowing iPhone sales.
Depression is on the rise among millennials.

6 unique ways companies are helping employees pay off crushing student debt

Some of these policies include trading vacation days for student-debt relief and offering special signing bonuses.
Many are fleeing London even before Brexit.

Companies are fleeing the UK no matter what happens with Brexit. Here’s all the damage that’s already been done

Brexit has already damaged the UK. The latest wound: Nissan will stop building one of its premium car models at its northern English Sunderland plant.
JPMorgan and its CEO Jamie Dimon are involved in the Lyft IPO.

JPMorgan, Credit Suisse, and Jefferies among 29 banks running the Lyft IPO

Lyft's S-1 reveals an all-star bank lineup and sheds light on who might be on its rival Uber's underwriting lineup when it finally goes public.

Credit Suisse is telling its wealthiest clients to hurry and move their money out of the UK before Brexit

Credit Suisse is advising some of its wealthiest clients to consider accelerating plans to move assets from the UK ahead of a Brexit vote in January.
Alex Karp, chief executive officer of Palantir Technologies, could take his company public at a $41 billion valuation.

Mysterious big data company Palantir is reportedly looking at an IPO — and could see a valuation of $41 billion

Palantir is in talks with Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley to go public as soon as the second half of 2019, according to a Wall Street Journal report.
Barclays chairman John McFarlane is said to have considered the deal.

Barclays has reportedly ‘kicked around’ the idea of merging with Standard Chartered

The possible deal is one plan being considered to ward off the activist investor Edward Bramson, who has built a 5.4% stake in Barclays. Neither side has issued statements to shareholders, suggesting no serious talks have taken place.

CREDIT SUISSE: Here are 9 Canadian stocks set to pop by at least 15%

Periodically, Credit Suisse publishes a list of the top Canadian stock to buy. Analysts explain why each stock is a good one, and why investors should buy now. This time around, all the companies were either in commodities or related to commodities.
Credit Suisse CEO Tidjane Thiam (L) and Arsenal FC manager Arsene Wenger (R).

Credit Suisse’s CEO bizarrely laid into Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger when asked about the global economy

"He forever believes that you can win games with inexperienced 19-year-olds who play in midfield," Thiam said, "but you still have to have a good defence."