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Police in the Nordeste de Amaralina slum complex in Salvador, Bahia State, March 28, 2013.

3 big reasons it’s so hard to tell just how violent the world’s most violent cities are

It's clear that countries in Latin America have high levels of violence. Putting an exact number on that violence is harder to do, however.

New York went an entire weekend without a shooting or homicide for the first time in 25 years

New York City had its first weekend without a shooting or homicide in 25 years. The last Friday-Saturday-Sunday time period during which no shootings occurred across all five of New York City's Burroughs happened in 1993.

Trump touts controversial stop-and-frisk for crime in Chicago

President Donald Trump said he wanted stop-and-frisk implemented as a crime-control measure in Chicago.Trump said the policy, which has been found to aid racial profiling by authorities and has no proven correlation to crime reduction "works and was meant for problems like Chicago."
Policemen take positions during an operation against drug dealers in the Cidade de Deus slum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, February 1, 2018.

Brazil is taking an ‘extreme measure’ to confront crime in Rio — the first time it’s done so since the country’s dictato...

"I know it's an extreme measure, but many times Brazil requires extreme measures to put things in order," Brazil's president said.

4 major US cities are seeing a surge in homicides

"Cops running from call to call simply do not have the time to engage with communities."

Trump compares Chicago violence to Afghanistan

President Donald Trump again threatened to "send in the feds" if law-enforcement officials in the nation's third-largest city fail to reduce the crime rate.

After 2 days of controversial executive actions, Trump goes on tweetstorm about CNN and Chicago ‘carnage’

The tweets come after two days of pronouncements and executive actions from the Trump administration.

Mexican officials appear to be telling a misleading story about crime rates in their country

According to a preliminary report from a Mexican nonprofit, state governments regularly distort report crime data to lower the incidence of high-level crime.

One city is driving the murder rate in the US

Chicago is an outlier as the only city expected to see major increases in both violent crime and murder.

An experimental policing tool is gaining traction across the country — and there are major civil-liberties concerns

Critics are raising red flags, saying the practice could easily lead to racial profiling.