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4 members of the same family could face the death penalty in what has become the largest murder case in Ohio state history

They were indicted and each was charged with eight counts of aggravated murder "with death penalty specifications," according to the attorney general.
British fraudster Jamie Colwell

A British fraudster managed to flee the country by persuading a flying instructor to drop him off in France

The pair were caught when Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) were able to track an affiliate to their address in Spain.

Security guard charged after breaking into executive condo resident’s home – here’s what we know so far

Police found him hiding in the condominium's carpark after fleeing the scene.

Alec Baldwin was charged with assault after allegedly punching someone in a parking spot dispute

Alec Baldwin was arrested and charged with assault and harassment Friday for allegedly punching someone in a parking spot dispute in Manhattan.
Glenn Halfin

A man in Texas has been sentenced to a year in prison for leaving dolls in nooses at black family’s home

Although he initially denied involvement, Glenn Eugene Halfin, ultimately pleaded guilty to federal charges. He must report to prison on November 16.
Not Samantha Stevenson's hands or crystal ball.

A woman has been charged with pretending to be a witch and allegedly scamming a man out of $600,000

Police in the York region of Ontario have charged a woman with pretending to practice witchcraft, fraud, and possession of property obtained by crime.
The girls were arrested on Tuesday.

Authorities said middle school girls planned to kill classmates and drink their blood

Two middle schoolers planned to kill classmates and drink their blood, police said. They were arrested on Tuesday.

Rapper XXXTentacion confessed to domestic abuse in secret recordings made before he was killed

Murdered rapper XXXTentacion confessed to abusing his pregnant girlfriend in a secret recording made before his death. The 20-year-old rapper shot to fame and signed a $10 million record deal before his death despite the allegations against him.
Jacob Stockdale.

Man who once appeared on ‘Wife Swap’ has been arrested in connection to the death of his mother and brother

A man who once appeared on "Wife Swap" with his family has been arrested and charged in connection to the death of his mom and brother. Authorities allege that Jacob Stockdale shot his mother and younger brother in their Ohio home in June 2017.
Zachary Miller.

Police say a man stole $100 from a Subway restaurant and then came back for his sandwich

Police have captured a man who they say robbed a Subway sandwich restaurant, only to turn back for his food.