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The devastating attack on Saudi oil plants confirms the worst fears about low-tech drones in the wrong hands

"This attack confirms some of the worst fears among militaries and law enforcement as to just how much damage one can do," an expert told Insider.
A launching unit for BGM-109G Gryphon missiles

The US is set to start building once-banned cruise missiles for the first time since the Cold War

The Department of Defense is restarting the manufacturing process for a class of weapon that hasn't been in the US arsenal in more than three decades.
The Russian Yasen-class nuclear attack submarine Severodvinsk

Russia’s submarines are showing they can strike deep inside Europe, and they’ve got the US Navy on edge

Western officials have warned repeatedly about Russia's increasingly sophisticated and active submarines, but it's what those submarines can do to land targets that may stir the most worry among those leaders and the US Navy.

How the suspected Syria gas attack turned into one of the biggest crises of Trump’s presidency

Trump started April by saying he wanted to pull out of Syria. Days later, he looks ready to intensify US military involvement there.
Russian attack submarine Krasnodar, seen in the North Sea in early May 2017.

A cat-and-mouse game between NATO ships and a Russian sub hints at changes happening in naval warfare

Western and Russian operations in the eastern Mediterranean make it clear that submarine warfare is reemerging as an important facet of war at sea.

Polish foreign minister: Russia may respond to US strike on Syria by escalating war in Ukraine

The Polish foreign minister says Russian might respond to the US strike in Syria by escalating the war in Ukraine.

Russia violated a ‘key cornerstone’ of arms control — and it may cause a nuclear arms race

"I take this news as evidence that the US should build up its nuclear forces in Europe."

The US has no good defense against cruise missiles — and it’s a huge problem

"The important thing is we need to be doing something, and right now we're not."