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Crypto exchanges are set to rake in twice as much money as last year even though bitcoin is down 51%

Cryptocurrency exchanges are making money hand-over-fist this year, despite a bear market that's gripped the market for digital currencies.

Nvidia is sliding after cutting its guidance and saying its crypto boom is over

"We're including no contributions from crypto in our outlook," Nvidia's CFO Colette Kress said on Thursday's second-quarter earnings call.

NVIDIA: Our crypto business is dead and it’s never coming back

Nvidia warns investors it won't make money from crypto going forward.

The crypto bear market has been a blessing for this bitcoin trading firm’s booming new business

The crypto market's bearish turn has been a blessing for a booming business run by a crypto trading firm.
Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein

Goldman Sachs is reportedly looking to take another step into bitcoin with a custody product

As reported by Bloomberg, the bank is eyeing a custody product aimed at crypto funds.

A Chinese media mogul is building out a nearly $300 million crypto hub in an unlikely city, and it could include a college focused completely on finte...

A Chinese billionaire is building out a nearly $300 million crypto innovation hub in Hartford Connecticut.
Andrew Peel's LinkedIn.

Morgan Stanley has poached a Credit Suisse crypto banker to head ‘digital asset markets’

Andrew Peel spent 12 years at Credit Suisse and is a self-declared was a "subject matter expert for bitcoin and cryptocurrency.
Gary Johnson.

CoinDesk surveyed 1,200 crypto investors and found their dominant political ideology may not be what you think

Crypto and libertarianism are often thought to go hand-and-hand, but a report by CoinDesk found most crypto holders identify as liberal.
Technicians of AMD, the world's second-largest maker of computer microprocessors after Intel Corp, display wafers for the media in the eastern German city of Dresden.

Here come AMD earnings…

Semiconductor makers, including both AMD and its competitor Nvidia, got an unexpected bump from the cryptocurrency craze of early 2017. However, as prices and interest have waned — bitcoin is down 39% since January 1 — so too has the interest in graphics cards from would-be crypto miners.
Michael Novogratz.

Bitcoin king Mike Novogratz leads $52 million investment in crypto-lending startup

The firm will use the funds to expand its lending platform outside the US and to support more digital assets.