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Libra is Facebook’s plan to bring cryptocurrency to the masses — but I don’t trust Facebook enough to use it

I belong to a traditional bank, and I don't trust Facebook. So why would I use Libra, the new global currency it's pushing?

Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘shadow bank’: The pushback against Facebook’s new cryptocurrency has already begun

France's finance minister voiced his misgivings over Libra, saying it must not be allowed to become a 'sovereign currency."

Facebook just unveiled its new Libra cryptocurrency — here’s how to sign up for early access

Facebook just revealed its new Libra cryptocurrency, which it says will launch in 2020. Here's how to sign up to be notified about early access.
Mark Zuckerberg celebrated Facebook's 15th birthday with a blog post.

Here’s what Facebook’s new cryptocurrency Libra will look like and how it will work

Facebook announced on Tuesday that it will be launching its own cryptocurrency, Libra, in 2020 alongside partners including Uber and PayPal.
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook will reportedly launch its own cryptocurrency this month, but plans to hand over control of it to outside backers

Facebook is reportedly planning to unveil a cryptocurrency service this month and is exploring the option to withdraw the currency through ATMs.
Traders celebrating a record-setting day of shorting volatility.

Bitcoin could surge past $10,000 within 2 weeks, analyst says

Bitcoin has soared from $3,400 in February to over $8,700 this week, potentially due to the US-China trade war and wider interest in cryptocurrencies.

Facebook will reportedly launch cryptocurrency ‘GlobalCoin’ in 2020

Facebook's planned cryptocurrency "GlobalCoin" is reportedly slated to be rolled out in 2020 after the company hopes test it by the end of 2019.