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US declaration of China as currency manipulator roils global financial markets from the Americas to Asia

The US Treasury had previously held off labelling Beijing a currency manipulator, but made the announcement after US stocks plummeted, the yuan weakened and Beijing announced that it would suspend purchases of US agricultural goods

‘What’s there to spy in Malaysia?’ Mahathir asks, adding the country will use Huawei’s tech ‘as much as possible’

"If any country wants to invade Malaysia, they can walk through and we will not resist because it's a waste of time,"

LARRY FINK: China is a ‘currency manipulator, but the opposite’

"They are a currency manipulator, but the opposite," Larry Fink said on Thursday on CNBC.

Trump might’ve just gotten the ammo he needs to name China a ‘currency manipulator’

For most of the past year, the evidence didn't support Trump's claims that China was a currency manipulator. That just changed — sort of.

The US is getting closer and closer to embarrassing itself with China

Funny how quite possibly the dumbest China policy on the table is the one picking up the most steam on both sides of the aisle.

ECB’S Draghi fires back at the Trump team

Germany's trade surplus in November came in at €22.6 billion in November, just below March's record print of €25.8 billion.

One country almost perfectly fits the description of a ‘currency manipulator’ — and Trump hasn’t called it out yet

Switzerland is the closest country to fitting the Treasury's description of a currency manipulator.