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Attacks on infrastructure are becoming the new frontline of cyber threats.

Cyberattacks are the newest frontier of war and can strike harder than a natural disaster. Here’s why the US could struggle to cope if it got hi...

Month by month, we see glimpses of the power cyberwar could have. Experts from industry and government told Business Insider how the US was at risk.
Soldiers hold their national flags during the official welcoming ceremony for NATO's Canadian-led Enhanced Forward Presence (EFP) combat battalion in Adazi, Latvia, June 19, 2017.

NATO’s top officer says we’re living with ‘a more blurred line between peace and war’ — thanks to new Russian tactics

NATO has shifted its focus back to Eastern Europe to counter conventional threats posed by a more capable and ambitious Russia, but the challenges go beyond defeating Moscow on a traditional battlefield, the NATO chief said this month.
Commander of the U.S. European Command Curtis M. Scaparrotti speaks during his presentation for Finnish National Defence Course Association in Helsinki, Finland August 9, 2017.

The US military has ‘turned a corner’ on Russia — but there are still 2 big threats

The top US general in Europe says that Russia's military modernization is making the country an increasingly large threat to the US and its European allies.

Vietnam unveils 10,000-strong cyber unit to combat ‘wrong views’

HANOI - Vietnam has unvei...

New evidence emerges that Russia infiltrated Facebook to sow political chaos in the US

Russia's efforts were also most likely bolstered — intentionally or not — by the Trump campaign, experts have said.

Robot makers slow to address danger risk: researchers

Lucas Apa, senior s...

Pentagon taking steps to secure US cyber infrastructure from attacks as war looms with North Korea

War between the US and an adversary like North Korea "wouldn’t begin with a bang, but begin silently."

The F-35 slaughtered the competition in its latest test

The latest performance at Red Flag proves that even a handful of F-35s can improve an entire squadron's performance.