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A devious malware called ‘Agent Smith’ secretly infected over 55,000 devices in Malaysia, one of the worst-hit in SEA

The dubious software stealthily disguises itself as a Google-related app.
McAfee CEO Chris Young

McAfee is planning a return to Wall Street as 2019’s IPO frenzy continues

The cybersecurity software company's possible IPO would mark its first foray into public markets in three years.
Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian at Google Cloud Next 2019

Alphabet’s cybersecurity spinout is being folded into Google Cloud, a coup for Google exec Thomas Kurian that raises questions about the future ...

Chronicle is the second Alphabet company to move into Google, after Nest was re-absorbed by Google in 2018.
Cell service providers have been hacked, revealing sensitive information on customers to attackers.

A massive, ongoing hack has been compromising cell service providers around the world without them even knowing, a new report says

The attack likely targeted high-profile individuals like government and military officials, revealing sensitive details of their activities.
Raspberry Pi

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory network was hacked by targeting a Raspberry Pi that wasn’t supposed to be connected to it

In April 2018, a hacker stole 500 megabytes of data from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It targeted an unauthorized Raspberry Pi.

3 out of 4 mobile apps downloaded by consumers last year have vulnerabilities that could let hackers steal your passwords and other sensitive data

Many of the security holes in Android and iOS apps are simple oversights while the apps were being built, which can let hackers steal sensitive data.
Smart TVs that connect to WiFi are vulnerable to malware, just like computers.

Samsung revealed that it’s possible for your smart TV to get a virus, just like a computer. Here’s how to make sure your TV isn’t in...

Samsung recently shared how to do a virus scan on your smart TV, and it's incredibly simple to make sure your TV is safe.

US officials are reportedly keeping Trump in the dark about a cyber operation against Russia because they’re afraid he’ll leak it to forei...

US officials are reportedly worried President Trump will undermine the plan or reveal details of it to foreign officials, like he's done in the past.
Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke.

Hackers stole unreleased Radiohead recordings and threatened to release them unless the band paid $150,000, so the band released the recordings instea...

Radiohead made the hackers' ransom worthless by putting the recordings that were "never meant for public consumption" online for anyone to buy.

A scary new hack created by researchers can accurately guess your password by listening to the sound of your fingers tapping the phone screen

A new research paper shows how the microphones in smartphones could be used to listen for the sound waves made when users type their passcodes.