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Russia hacked the FBI to prevent the bureau from being able to track Russian spies in the US

The stunning breach prompted concerns among officials that there was a Russian asset within the US intelligence community, Yahoo News reported.
Apple CEO Tim Cook.

Apple just put Google on blast for trying to stoke ‘fear among all iPhone users that their devices had been compromised’

Apple released a statement on Friday in response to a Google blog post about iOS vulnerabilities that were fixed in February.

Inside the secretive Israeli spyware startup scene, where the notorious NSO Group has spawned a web of companies that hack into devices

NSO Group's founders and alumni have spawned a web of more than a dozen similar startups, many of which operate in secret,

It took Twitter longer to secure Jack Dorsey’s account from hackers than it would for a nuclear missile to travel around the world — and t...

It took Twitter one hour and 36 minutes to pronounce its CEO's account "secure." Imagine what could happen in that time if someone hacked Trump's account.
5G could actually boost your security.

How 5G can boost the safety of your internet devices by tailoring security updates and improving encryption

5G is set to supercharge the growth of internet-connected devices, which could give bad actors more openings to hack your business. But there is hope.

Apple accidentally reopened a security flaw that makes the iPhone vulnerable to hackers

Apple's iOS 12.4 update for the iPhone makes it possible to jailbreak an iPhone for the first time in years, raising serious security concerns.

23 towns in Texas were hit by possibly the largest-ever ransomware attack, in what could be the first coordinated cyberattack of its kind

The coordinated ransomware attack on 23 Texas towns was carried out by a "single threat actor," the Texas Department of Information Resources said.

Apple is launching a special new iPhone designed for professional hackers — but you won’t be able to buy it

Apple is allowing security experts to apply for a special new iPhone to be used for research purposes. It's part of the firm's bug-bounty program.

Apple is offering a $1 million reward to anyone who can pull off a specific iPhone hack

Apple has said it will pay a $1 million reward for a specific iPhone hack as part of its expanded bug-bounty program.