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This really isn't what we should worry about.

Elon Musk and DeepMind’s pledge to never build killer AI makes a glaring omission, Oxford academic says

Tech leaders including Elon Musk and cofounders of DeepMind signed a pledge saying they would never develop 'lethal autonomous weapons.' Dr. Mariarosaria Taddeo told Business Insider that while the pledge's intentions were good, it missed the real threat posed by AI in cyberwarfare.
Projection of cyber code on hooded man is pictured in this illustration picture

A shadowy Russian tried to lure US officials into falling for ‘kompromat’ on Trump

US officials paid a Russian intermediary $100,000 to recover stolen NSA cyberweapons. Instead of delivering them, the Russian provided unverified dirt on Trump.

Over a quarter of the members on Trump’s cybersecurity advisory council have resigned en masse

The resignation cited several reasons, including Trump's "insufficient attention" to cyber threats against American infrastructure, including election systems.

‘This implicates us in their propaganda’: The US just made a striking concession to the Kremlin

The US could inadvertently be furthering Russia's disinformation campaign.

The tech behind last week’s massive internet attack has been identified — and is being recalled

A Chinese firm named Hangzhou Xiongmai issued a recall of its webcams following a major attack on internet services on October 21.

The US just publicly accused Russia of hacking for the first time — but fighting back could be a huge risk

The US publicly accused the Russian government of orchestrating cyber attacks on US citizens and political organizations for the first time on Friday.

This is the future of war

As one Army officer said during a 2015 training exercise, "future fights aren't going to be guns and bullets. They're going to be ones and zeroes."

The US military has a new plan to fight ISIS — and it starts with making the group ‘extremely paranoid’

A US plan aims to strike fear into the communication modes that ISIS uses to build a following and coordinate terrorist attacks.

The US is going after a hacker they think assembled an ISIS ‘kill list’ of more than 1,000 US personnel

The FBI says he stole information of some 100,000 people and analyzed the data, boiling it down to about 1,300 US service members and federal employees.

Russia and China could be ‘making it impossible for the US to hide’ its intelligence activities

US officials believe China and Russia are building a database of US intelligence information.