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Being a dad can be a blast but it can help to know what to expect.

16 things no one tells you about being a dad, according to real fathers

Becoming a dad can be exciting and nerve-wracking all in one. Here are some things that dads said no one told them but they wish they knew.
A meat bouquet.

25 funny but useful Father’s Day gifts that’ll give your dad a good laugh

If dad already has everything he could ever want, he might appreciate a good laugh from you in the form of a Father's Day gift.

This dad recreated his daughter’s honeymoon photos and people are loving it

Natasha Stroup is on her honeymoon in Hawaii and sent photos of the trip to her family. Her dad trolled her by recreating every photo.
Dads deserve time with their kids, too.

The 20 best places for new dads to work in 2018

When you're a new father, perks like paternity leave, flexible work, and support networks can be not just nice to have — but real game-changers. And for the companies that offer them, they're a real competitive advantage.

Nike designed a shoe just for dads — and it’s flying off the shelves

The Nike Air Monarch was created for the guy who "loves Miller High Life, relaxed fitting denim, and a BBQ in the backyard," according to its designer.

A dad at JPMorgan filed a class-action charge alleging the bank reinforces ‘the stereotype that raising children is women’s work’

Fathers at JPMorgan Chase are telling their employer that they want more paid time off to care for their kids, too.

The co-CEOs of a $750 million startup explain how having kids changed one of their company’s biggest policies

Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeffrey Raider announced a gender-neutral policy of 16 weeks paid leave at their company, Harry's.

Millennial dads are the future of retail

Dads apparently want to shop with their kids.