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There's a lot to consider when choosing which milk to use.

I switched to almond milk to save calories, but I worry it’s bad for the planet. Which milk should I drink to maintain my diet without killing t...

While nut milks can be lower in calories than cow's milk, none match the nutritional profile of dairy, so you need to choose a fortified version.
There are several reasons to cut out diary.

Here’s what happens to your body when you cut out dairy

Some people eliminate dairy in the hopes of weight-loss results and other health-related changes. But is this the best idea? Here's how dairy can affect your body.

Oat milk is my favorite dairy-milk alternative — here’s why Califia Farms’ oat milk is the one I always buy

As someone with a dairy sensitivity, I appreciate that I can find the Califia Farms brand of oat milk in grocery stores and online really easily.
The industry goes beyond meat.

Beyond Meat is just the beginning — dairy alternative firms are set to boom to a $38 billion market

Dairy alternatives are fast becoming a cash 'cow' with the market set to expand from $4.5 billion this year, to almost 10 times that by 2025.

I’ve tried a lot of popular oat-milk brands out there — here’s why I think Oatly is the best

Oatmilk is a dairy alternative that has become increasingly popular. The most popular brand within this space is Oatly, who have become fan-favorites.
We sampled six non-dairy ice creams.

We tried 6 brands of non-dairy vanilla ice cream and the winner was clear

We tried six brands of non-dairy ice cream from Trader Joe's, Target, Whole Foods, Tofutti, Koku, and SO Delicious. Here's the one we liked best.

8 dairy-free alternatives to your favorite foods

Deciding to go dairy-free can be difficult, but there are lots of foods that have little dairy or no dairy that can replace other food.
There are quite a few dairy-free frozen dessert options to choose from.

12 of the best dairy-free ice creams everyone should try

Whether you're dairy-intolerant or looking to cut dairy out of your diet, there are plenty of ice cream options out there. Here are some of the best dairy-free ice creams for those looking to avoid dairy.