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A disinfection worker wearing protective gears spray anti-septic solution in a train in Seoul, South Korea, January 24, 2020.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw accuses Rep. Ted Lieu of ‘woke virtue signaling’ after Lieu warned of xenophobia from what GOP members are calling coron...

The latest spat between Democrats and Republican lawmakers centered around an informal nickname for the coronavirus.
Two CPAC attendees pose with cardboard cutouts of Mike Bloomberg and Donald Trump. February 28, 2020

CPAC 2020 was all about worshiping Trump, hating socialism, and feeling victimized by media and the left

CPAC used to be a gathering of right-leaning thinkers that epitomized "big-tent conservatism." In 2020, there was almost no diversity of thought.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggests without evidence that a Republican congressman is ‘likely’ loaning guns to violent criminals in heated g...

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argued that it would be irresponsible for Rep. Dan Crenshaw to lend his gun to friends who can't pass background checks.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw claps back at critics who question his patriotism with an x-ray of his combat injury

Rep. Dan Crenshaw, who was wounded by an IED in Afghanistan, replied to an errant tweet and included an x-ray of his injuries.

‘This is insensitive, and it’s offensive’: Democratic and Republican lawmakers who served in Afghanistan condemn Rep. Ilhan OmarR...

"My district ... lost hundreds of cops, fire men, and first responders. More than any other district in America. There's a lot of pain right now."

Trump shares video about Ilhan Omar’s 9/11 comments as she faces death threats

A New York man was recently arrested and charged with threatening to assault and murder Omar.
Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas).

One of the Republican Party’s rising stars says if Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal is so good then New York City should try it o...

"The Green New Deal is for elitists who live in their high rises in New York City and see a dirty world around them because they’re in New York City."
Democratic lawmakers tweet far more frequently than Republicans.

Twitter is the most popular social media platform for members of Congress — but prominent Democrats tweet more often and have larger followings ...

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the most-followed member of Congress by a large margin, boasting three million followers and counting.

Republicans are hammering Beto O’Rourke for saying he would tear down the border wall

"Absolutely, I'd take the wall down," O'Rourke told MSNBC host Chris Hayes.
Congressman-elect and Navy veteran Dan Crenshaw reached out to Pete Davidson after the "SNL" star posted a disturbing note on Instagram over the weekend.

The Texas Republican war veteran that Pete Davidson mocked on ‘SNL’ reached out to the comedian after his concerning Instagram post

Pete Davidson previously joked that Congressman-elect Dan Crenshaw looked like a "hitman from a porno." Davidson has since apologized.