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A soldier with the 10th Mountain Division guards a hallway during training for subterranean warfare.

DARPA is asking universities for access to their tunnels ASAP, and it’s because the US military thinks its next war will go underground

The Pentagon's advanced research arm raised eyebrows by asking colleges for access to their tunnel systems — as soon as possible.
Plum Island, off the coast of Long Island, serves as a testing ground for DARPA's staged cyber attack exercises.

The Pentagon has its own island off New York where nobody can go that it’s using to run war games for a giant cyber attack on power grid

DARPA ferries specialists to Plum Island, a restricted site in the Long Island Sound, to train for a worst-case cyber war scenario.

The Pentagon is reviving this hard-hitting Cold War strategy to devastate any Chinese and Russian assaults

The "Assault Breaker" concept is back, but this time DARPA aims to defeat attacking enemies with even smarter and more powerful weapons.
US soldiers make their way through a subterranean tunnel during an exercise on December 15, 2017.

The Army thinks its next fight is underground, and DARPA’s solution may be a horde of robot helpers straight out of sci-fi

While all the attention has shifted to Trump's touted Space Force, the Pentagon has been worrying about fighting underground, and now military researchers are working on something to spare humans from subterranean dangers.
US Army soldiers evacuate a simulated casualty during training at the National Training Center at Fort Irwin, California, June 12, 2016.

The military is looking for ways to slow down ‘biological time’ in order to save wounded soldiers

The military, working under wartime imperatives, has made rapid medical advances in the past.

DARPA just announced it’s one step closer to building a hypersonic space plane

The Pentagon's R&D shop is moving one step closer toward building a hypersonic spaceplane could shuttle satellites or people into space in record time.

These images show the stunningly fast progress of self-driving cars

Self-driving cars have come a long way in the last decade.

Pentagon taking steps to secure US cyber infrastructure from attacks as war looms with North Korea

War between the US and an adversary like North Korea "wouldn’t begin with a bang, but begin silently."

DARPA is building a drone to provide ‘persistent’ surveillance virtually anywhere in the world

If all goes to plan, Tern will move to ground-based testing in early 2018, before being tested at sea later in the year.

This man built a cutting-edge stealth boat for the US Navy. Then the government tried to put him out of business.

Serial entrepreneur Greg Sancoff built incredible technology for the US Navy. They didn't want it, and they don't want anyone else having it either.