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Cloud computing has caused a huge spike in the demand for data centers

$20 billion was spent on North American data centers in 2017 alone,.

Meet the Google team that saved Pokémon Go and Home Depot’s Thanksgiving

Google is embedding engineers with its customers to solve big problems.

Facebook is once again putting the $41 billion computer network industry to shame

Facebook has produced yet another computer network innovation that will floor the tech industry.

Intel keeps lowering the bar on the business it’s bet its future on

Intel further lowered the growth guidance for its data center group to "high single digits" in its earnings Tuesday.

Meet Kripa Krishnan, Google’s queen of chaos

If aliens were to invade earth, or a meteor were to strike, Google wants you to know it won't go down.

Google and Facebook put their fierce rivalry aside to save money in this key area

Google and Facebook have teamed up for a new standard for servers.

A former Apple manager explains why he couldn’t deal with the company’s secrecy anymore

Apple's famous penchant for discretion means many of the company's impressive infrastructure hacks are still secret. Jason Forrester pulls back the curtain.

Wall Street thinks ‘cracks’ are forming around Intel’s most important business

"The trends we are noting now, albeit early days, suggest that some cracks to Intel's monopoly position may be forming."

Google hired this graffiti artist to paint some crazy designs on its building in Belgium

Google wants to "bring a bit of the magic from the inside of our data centers to the outside."