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Passport data of 30 million Malindo and Lion Air customers leaked: here’s what we know

Both airlines assured customers they did not store payment details on their servers.

Private contact information for over 2,000 journalists and popular YouTube creators was leaked on a popular gaming conference’s website

The information included names, home addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of press members who attended the annual conference this June.

Who are the duo at the centre of Singapore’s HIV Registry leak?

Investigations later revealed that his various educational certificates, including one from the University of Paris, were forged.

US citizen leaks data on thousands in Singapore with HIV, government says

His partner previously had access to the HIV registry for his work.

2018’s seven biggest data scandals, ranked according to how disastrous they were

From governments to hotels to social media sites, no institution is safe.
Amazon is reportedly planning to split its second headquarters between the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens, New York, and the Crystal City area of Arlington, Virginia.

Amazon is getting slammed for a confusing email telling customers they don’t need to change their password after a data leak

A "technical error" exposed names and email addresses of Amazon customers, the company told customers on Wednesday.

One of the largest data leaks in history reveals how world leaders and aides hide their cash

The assets of around 140 political figures was revealed in a leak.