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‘There’s no gender bias’: Goldman’s CEO pushes back on criticism of the Apple Card

Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon told Bloomberg TV that the firm doesn't ask about applicants gender for the Apple Credit Card.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs says WeWork’s fiasco highlights just how important it is for a company to have a path to profitability

The bank lost $80 million on its WeWork stake during the third quarter after the office-leasing company failed to go public.
Goldman Sachs' CEO David Solomon

‘The plumbing isn’t broken’: Goldman Sachs’ CEO says WeWork’s failed IPO could improve private markets

WeWork's flop could lead to smaller investments, faster IPOs, and greater transparency for private companies, David Solomon predicted.
Apple and Goldman Sachs are being picky about who they approve for the new Apple Card.

Apple and Goldman Sachs are being picky about who gets an Apple Card

"Keeping approval rates low suggests that at least initially Apple wants to focus on low-risk (higher credit score) customers."

Goldman Sachs is setting up a WeWork office in London as an emergency trading floor

The trading floor was set up so the bank can continue to trade in the event of an emergency, says the Financial Times. Goldman advised We on its failed IPO.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs launched a music label called Payback Records

Goldman top boss David Solomon is also known as DJ D-Sol, an electronic music producer whose opened for Galantis and Kygo.

Goldman Sachs is seeing a mass exodus from its highest ranks as CEO David Solomon puts his stamp on the firm

Goldman's partner ranks could be trimmed by as much as 15% by the end of the year, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Goldman Sachs CEO: The chance of recession is ‘still relatively low’

Solomon told CNN that while he sees the risks of an impending recession as low, "we have to watch what's going on with tariffs."

A Republican congressman just asked the CEOs of 7 of America’s largest banks if they’re socialists

This was not the first time that GOP Rep. Roger Williams has asked witnesses at a hearing whether they are a socialist or a capitalist.

From a $100 Swatch to a $20,000 Rolex, these are the watches worn by the most powerful people in business and finance

The watch is seen by many in business as the ultimate status symbol. Check out the watches worn by the world's most powerful business people.