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Mahathir is the first Malaysian invited to speak at Oxford Union, whose past speakers include Einstein, Johnny Depp and Shakira

According to the society's website, Mahathir will speak on Friday (Jan 18) at 5pm UK time.
New York House candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez accuses conservative pundit Ben Shapiro of harassing her with repeated requests for debate

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a rising star on the left, sparred with the conservative pundit Ben Shapiro on Thursday after Shapiro challenged the congressional candidate to a debate in exchange for a $10,000 campaign donation.
Sen. Bernie Sanders, left, and Sen. Ted Cruz debate over the GOP's tax plan.

‘Don’t interrupt me when I’m interrupting you!’: Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders ribbed each other nonstop at CNN’s debate

Sens. Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz debated the Republican Party's tax plan, each throwing several verbal jabs at the other's expense.

People on Twitter can’t tell if these shoes are pink or grey — here’s the right answer

A photos of a pair of Vans has the internet in a heated debate over their color.

Top aide shares video of Clinton practicing avoiding a hug from Trump at the debates

Clinton initially deflects the handshake, but the undeterred stand-in awkwardly continues to pursue it as the room roars with laughter.

Former KKK leader David Duke qualifies for debate in Louisiana’s US Senate race

Duke, with 5.1 percent support, is far behind two frontrunners John Kennedy and Foster Campbell

Donald Trump’s claim that you can ‘rip the baby out of the womb’ is dangerously wrong

There is no such thing as "ripping" a baby out at nine months, as Donald Trump described at the third presidential debate on Wednesday.

The most important quotes from the last presidential debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off Monday in the final of three presidential debates before Election Day on November 8. They said many things.

Trump and Clinton sparred over tax cuts during their final debate — except for the one they agree on

Clinton and Trump agree that the carried-interest loophole should be abolished. It benefits private-equity managers and venture capitalists.