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Amazon founder Jeff Bezos

Amazon was the only big tech company repeatedly called out by name during the Democratic presidential debates

The Democrats condemned lots of industries, from healthcare to oil to insurance, but only condemned one tech company repeatedly: Amazon.

Here’s the lineup for the first 2020 Democratic presidential debates taking place later this month

Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado became the 20th candidate to qualify. The official lineup for the debates was released on June 13.
Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.).

The DNC just made it harder to get on the debate stage and the crowded field of candidates could get a lot smaller very soon

Struggling candidates have expressed discontent with the process, suggesting the DNC is acting in bad faith, slashing the field before voting begins.

Chris Wallace surprised by candidates’ ‘distaste’ for each other, explains why he pressed Trump on ‘rigged’ election bel...

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace earned accolades for his performance as the third and final presidential debate moderator. He reflected on the experience Friday.

‘Disqualifying’: Donald Trump cast a shadow over his performance by refusing to say he’ll honor the election

Donald Trump cast a shadow over his performance in Wednesday night's final presidential debate by refusing to say whether he'd accept the election results.

KRAUTHAMMER: Trump’s refusal to say whether he will accept election results ‘political suicide’

Charles Krauthammer said Donald Trump “blew it’ at the debate when he declined to say whether he would accept the results of the November election.

Focus group’s reaction to one Hillary Clinton debate moment had pollster calling it a ‘disaster’

A Nevada focus group watching the final presidential debate rated Hillary Clinton’s answer on the Clinton Foundation as one of the lowest moments of the night.

CNN INSTANT POLL: Clinton wins final debate by wide margin, completes hat trick

A CNN/ORC instant poll after the final debate on Wednesday showed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with a big victory over her Republican rival.

Donald Trump lost another debate by making it all about himself

I want to talk about the very first answer Donald Trump gave in Wednesday night's debate.

Chris Wallace presses Clinton when she dodges pay-to-play question: ‘Do you want to talk about that?’

MSNBC host and debate moderator Chris Wallace questioned Hillary Clinton on her family's controversial foundation at the final presidential debate.